Compliance Advisory Services, LLC. (CAS) is a nationally-known consulting firm. CAS has become one of the leading financial institution consulting firms in the country by providing authoritative and practical advice in compliance matters and other important issues facing financial institutions.

CAS' clients range in size from small community institutions to multibillion-dollar regionals.

Our consulting staff is comprised of bankers, regulators and attorneys, all of whom possess two common traits: excellent knowledge of regulatory requirements and finely-tuned comprehension of the financial industry.

While every institution has unique problems and needs, CAS has the experience to bring practical solutions to virtually any aspect of the compliance process. Our consultants work with management to identify weaknesses and deficiencies as well as to focus attention on those areas posing the greatest risks.

Compliance management involves many facets - and while it is virtually impossible to mention every form of assistance we offer — this website outlines some of the most commonly requested services.


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