Deposit Compliance Review

As part of your contract of services with our company a review will be conducted of the your bank’s deposit compliance program (i.e. operating procedures, policies, disclosures, periodic statements, advertising, website, ODP program, record retention, etc.). Training sessions will be provided to tellers, CSRs, bookkeeping personnel, and any other support staff responsible for various deposit compliance functions. Training will be held at the conclusion of each review and the focus will encompass Regulation CC holds, excessive activity in money market and savings accounts, and Truth in Savings.

The review will encompass the following regulations, as applicable:

  • Expedited Funds Availability – Reg CC
  • Interest on Deposits
  • Truth in Savings – Reg DD
  • Electronic Fund Transfers – Reg E
  • Consumer Protection in Sales of Insurance
  • Privacy of Consumer Financial Information
  • E-Sign Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Identity Theft Compliance requirements (address discrepancy & change)
  • Advertisement of Membership


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